About Steve

So first things first Yes...you may say I am crazy to be working full time with my wife! Not everyone can do it, but I wouldn't have it any other way because we have a really great time together !! :) I was born in Quebec, but can't speak any french! I definitely inherited a love of wine, poutine and pastries - they have fruit in them!! I went to University for 6 Years to be a teacher all the while playing with photography as a hobby. During my last two years of the Teaching program I was teaching grade 5 and 6 and started photographicg our friends weddings and our business really took off at a crazy pace! If I learned anything about teaching is that you have to give it your all with both feet in and I definitely had one foot out which would a disservice to the kids! I got to live my dream and teach grades 5/6 on and off for a year and it was so rewarding but photography brought me closer to my wife strengthened our marriage and has been a crazy fun thrill ride of adventures! I would like to think that I am really easy to get along with and always have a lot to talk about as I am interested in. Here is a short list of a dozen or so interests that I love talking about and hope that you have a few of these interests too!

  1. Photography: Ya I know another photographer syauing they love photography but I take it very seriously and am a committed life long learner we take international photography courses every year to stay onto if this years trends and skills. I just love taking out my camera and making new photo to put on the wall or desktop screensaver!!
  2. Movies: I love film, I love making movies and watching movies Courtney and I go to the theatre about once a week!!!! 
  3. Netflix and chill: TV is getting so good these days sometimes even better than movies! Game of thrones, Stranger Things, Westward, Fringe, even reality tv like hells kitchen and Survivor !! lol 
  4. Games: Board games Video games whatever I love em all always happy to get a phone call from friends asking to Perudo, Ticket to Ride, Yahtzee or other board games or hanging out with friends and Grooms lol on Call of Duty or something on PS4
  5. Fine Food: Risotto, Lasgana, Pasteries, Steak, pizza or trying to find the best burger in Vegas
  6. Fine Wine and Spirits: I love a good red wine and the mission of finding the best bottles under $10 Under $15 and Under $20 lol I like going to whiskey festivals and sampling fine SCOTCH especially the sweeter ones from Glenmorangie, Macallan all the Glens really Highland Park and Crown Royale Northern Harvest!
  7. Cigars: not those tiny little ones you get at a gas station, but those fine Cuban Cigars romeo and julietta, monte cristos and chorus to name a few but there are some damn good dominicans but we live in Canada so I love being able to legally smoke a Cuban cigar :) I will have about one a week usually with the Father-In-Law!
  8. Walks with a mission: this can drive courtney nuts she used to say lets go for a walk but now that we have been together for 10000 years she knows to say lets go take a walk and get food, take photos or collect or visit someone I like a mission !!
  9. Art I love going to museums and looking at and studying art I love van Gough and the other impressionists to my modern faorites michael sowa 
  10. Travel & Trip planning: Anyone who knows me knows that I am the certified best trip planner ever. It's weird since as you may know at wedding meetings I do almost 0 planning Courtney is an amazing wedding planner :) but on vacation we reverse organization skills and Courtney does 0 planning lol. Here are a few places I have been 
  • Studied Fine Arts, wine and food in Italy for two months for University credits :) 
  • Paris for a few weeks seeing everything eating hundreds of pastries, boring Courtney with museums and just exploring
  • Hawaii a few times Oahu and Maui, we love Island life especially Vancouver Island but In Hawaii we can go into the ocean without a wetsuit :) 
  • Disneyland a few times: I love doing something different on vacation than what Vancouver Island offers its beautiful here so why leave? To go on thrill rides and Star wars rides in the most magical place on earth :)
  • Vegas Baby: Home to one of the biggest photography conferences in the world and the International Print Competition it is just an awesome town to visit catch a show, play some blackjack, hang out with the WORLDS BEST photographers and even shoot a wedding all in 24 hours lol 
  • Oregon Coast love the drive on the coast all the beaches and micro breweries oh and photo opportunities right from the car window
  • Haida Gwaii / pre queen charlotte islands: Worked at cannery over the summer to pay off student loans lol :) stunning place that I need to go back to with my camera :)
  • Whitehorse in the summer I thought it would cold and gross but it was stunning from desert to crystal clear lakes and mountains it is stunning
  • Crusing: We did a small 3 day cruise down the coast as a test and we loved it!! We got to disconnect dine on our balcony at sunset it was amazing. If you know of where our next cruise should be let us know!
  • FUTURE TRIPS ON THE LIST: South Pacific, Greece, Disney World, Scotland, Trinidad and Carribean 

If you have ever been to these or future trip places I would love to talk to you about it!