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Meet Courtney...

I wear many hats. I am a planner, a cleaner and a creator. Nothing says fabulous to me more than a neat, organized calendar. Nothing speaks romance to me louder than a freshly vacuumed rug, spotless kitchen, a beautifully, well made bed and some magazine looking cushions on the couch! And the quickest way to my heart is anything artsy and sparkly (throw in cats, mermaids or unicorns and we'll be very fast friends!)  - I love PaintNite! There's nothing as great a a gut busting laugh or a deeply needed cry. I love home decor and design - HGTV is all I watch and it inspires me to no end!! I love photography...but you already know that! Its why we are wedding photographers for a living! 

I love to cook, bake, share and entertain! My mixmaster is always on stand by for a fresh batch of cookies, my crockpot is ready to crock a feast and the couch is always ready to entertain a few guests with wine - while eating fresh cookies and then consuming a slow-cooker feast! My parents instilled in me that I should always have an abundance of food - you never know when someone is dropping in or when the next party is coming! There should always be extra blankets in the house because everyone loves to be snuggled! 

My family is my priority. I come from a rather big family by todays standards - I am the second youngest in a group of five incredible siblings and two amazing parents. And I love it. Gatherings are always loud, we play games, eat food, it gets out of hand, we laugh, we cry - did I mention we're all really loud? If there is an opportunity for family, I'm there! From first birthdays to their weddings - those are my favourite memories!  

We hand raised Michael (he's on the left) & Annabelle (she's on the right). Yes...the look pretty identical above - but she's a sassy little calico! You'll likely hear us talking about them - A LOT. They were tiny little, feral kittens, abandoned in a junk yard and we brought them home when they were just 6 days old. My brother Stephen knew my heartache after having to say goodbye to my first cat, Penny. He called me the day he found them. Their eyes hadn't opened yet - when they did, they were the colour of the sky! Their ears were still tucked to the sides of their little heads and they hadn't even learned to walk. The vet told us one of them "probably" wouldn't make it. First, I cried. Then, I built some resolve...CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. We nursed them, mixed up KMR (get ready for this..."Kitten Meal Replacement"...I cute!) for their bottles. I would wake up in the night panicked, then discover them cozy under their blanket with their hot water bottle. They came with me every day to my former job as a barrista, and I'd go down every 2 hours to feed them their little bottles. They grew. They thrived. And we are now very proud to say...we could possibly raise a real human at some point! And we know you're laughing at us for saying it. #proud #blessed