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5 Tips if it Rains on Your Wedding Day!

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5 Tips if it Rains on Your Wedding Day!

While planning your wedding, did you or have you had the unwanted thought..."What if it rains on my wedding day?"...And then maybe panicked? Don't worry! You are not alone, and It's not just something we here on Vancouver Island worry about! The possibility that it might sprinkle, drizzle or even pour on your wedding day is there - and you can't control the weather! You might be tempted to worry, but we're here to let you know - you shouldn't! First, we're going to tell you that rain can make for some pretty stunning images, you just might need some umbrellas... With off season weddings starting here on Vancouver Island, we wanted to share our TOP 5 tips for celebrating your wedding day - even if it rains! After personally photographing dozens of rainy weddings our first tip can be hard, to do but it is the most important!

Vancouver Island wedding photography by Julien Photography based out of Nanaimo B.C.


1. If You've Got Lemons Make lemonade. . . (A.K.A Having a Positive Attitude)!

We know the pressure, expectations and all the last minute adjustments you may have to make on the day if it rains, but if you are prepared, so are most venues and professional photographers with a rain plan! Surrounding yourself with people that can make lemons into lemonade is huge! 

We decided a long time ago that if we remain positive in any situation, there is a good chance that it will be a positive experience! You cannot change the weather - no matter how hard you try! We know it might not have been what you planned or hoped for, but the best way to make it the amazing day you dreamt of is to celebrate the weather!

Here are a few Positive things to keep in mind if the weather is less than stellar...

Umbrellas: Thats right...the umbrella that has been collecting dust in the corner gets some use! We love umbrellas, they frame your faces and makes your photos instantly POP! They're a great photo accessory! You can use them for your entire bridal party, or you can cuddle up under them, just the two of you to keep warm!

Closeness: The rain brings you both closer taking together hold each other keep warm hid under something it is an awesome photo opportunity. Also Having your guests all under one roof/tent keeps everyone huddling together chatting, mingling and sharing a memorable time.

Own It: Some of the most dramatic, awe inspiring, beautiful images happen when you throw caution to the rain and jump out in it - with or without the umbrella! 

Memorable: Rainy weddings are a little more unique than your typical sunny wedding, and you will always have an exciting story to tell about your wedding day! 

Rain Adds Drama to Photos: We love the way the background pops with rain drops glowing behind you! Just find a professional photographer that can really bring out those rain drops with proper lighting!


2. Waterproof/Sealed Make-Up

Aside from the fact you might cry a little, or a lot on your big day, water proof/air brush sealed make up is a fabulous thing! Chat with your make-up artist about how to create a beautiful, streak free, rain proof look! We know Jessica Churcher Makeup Artistry even has a personal all day coverage package to keep your look flawless all day! 

Julien PhotographyJulien Photography


3. Backup Photo Location:

Where should you go for the hour or two for your epic wedding photos? Maybe you had planned having your  photos at the beach, but suddenly the idea of being on the beach in a rain storm is the last place you want to be, especially if it is going sideways! Of course you can choose to brave the storm like Tannis and Nick (they ended up with a rainbow!) However if you want to be a little less soaked, lets plan on some buildings and architecture, with overhangs! Perhaps in the city, downtown, parkades, a farm house, dense forest, winery! 

Julien PhotographyJulien Photography


4. BACKUP: Ceremony/Reception Location, Equipment & TENTS!

This is so important! We are prepared to shoot anything in the rain and bring backup equipment, as even our weather sealed cameras may need a break with our storms! We are prepared with backups, are you? Is your venue? Check with your providers and see if they have a rain plan and how much notice they need! Here are our 5 favourite central Vancouver Island wedding venues and how they handle rainy weddings:

a) Tigh-Na-Mara changed a whole gazebo outdoor ceremony around with 30 minutes notice to a undercover garden patio ceremony! Now that is service! 

b) Nanaimo Golf Club saved the day by bringing in the ceremony inside! The reception room has great lighting and big bay windows that help to create a beautiful ceremony!

c) Mount Washington: Conditions change on the mountain fast! We have seen rain, snow, fog and sun, while all our brides have powered through the weather with outdoor ceremonies, Raven Lodge is ready for your day to move in! The best part? You still get that stunning view of Forbidden Plateau!

d) Cuckoos: For smaller wedding under 100,  Chef Fausto and his team can transform the dining room or the upstairs ceremony site for your day! Cuckoo's also has some amazing indoor spots and overhangs for your photos, and its easy to sneak in to warm up!

e) Merridale: Their permanent event tent is setup year round and has saved the day a few times now! No worries here, lots of opportunities for undercover areas photos.

Julien PhotographyJulien Photography

5. Jacket, Shoes & Dry Clothes

While we're out dancing in the rain, we want you to stay warm and keep your feet dry! While we're working at getting things set up, you can stay cozy in your coats, and dry shoes! Because we don't always see your shoes in an image, you can wear those waterproof Hunter boots with warm socks under your gown! If we need you back in the heels, we always carry them with us! Your groom might want to bring a dry version of his shirt and socks too, just in case. Steve always does and we can't tell you enough how nice it is to put on dry socks and a shirt at your reception!

We do everything we can to make sure you stay dry and have a great time on your big day, but sometimes we just have to go out in the rain and make the best of it! Hopefully these tips will help you prepare for the possibility of rain on your big day, and feel more comfortable with it!

Here are 10 inspirational rainy wedding photos to help keep your spirits high!

Julien PhotographyJulien Photography Julien PhotographyJulien Photography Focused with the Focus 2 app Focused with the Focus 2 app

Vancouver Island wedding photography by Julien Photography based out of Nanaimo B.C.

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