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Cuckoo Wedding Vendor Spotlight: Vancouver Island Wedding Photography

April 06, 2017

Cuckoos Trattoria

Coombs Wedding Venue Spotlight

A Romantic Italian Trattoria on Vancouver Island

We love sharing some of Vancouver Islands most amazing wedding vendors! We especially love sharing the hidden gems that not everyone knows about! So it goes without saying we are very excited to spotlight an amazing one...Cuckoo's Trattoria in Coombs, BC, and Chef Fausto. Fausto took the time to sit down with us and answer some questions to help give brides some extra information about the experience of having your wedding at Cuckoos. As wedding photographers, we see all the little details that venues offer, and Cuckoo's not only offers amazing food - but a one of a kind experience for your wedding day!

Julien PhotographyJulien Photography



An Interview At Cuckoos with Chef Fausto

By the Julien's Steve & Courtney Julien PhotographyJulien Photography

We met up with chef this spring at Cuckoos in Coombs to find out a little more about the venue, and some behind the scenes information that brides can expect from their wedding at Cuckoos Trattoria. Chef was a lot of fun to chat with, we had a few questions and here's what he had to say:

Q: Why/How did you and Cuckoos get into weddings?

Fausto: Cuckoo Italian Trattoria is the result of the “marriage” between the family values and cultural traditions of the Geekie family, Owners of Cuckoo & the Old Country Market, and the Bellicini family, my family, back in Italy…We strongly believe that creating a place where our Guests and their families can come together to celebrate life with friends and relatives, with good food and good wine in the impeccable yet simple elegance of our venue, is a recipe for success, and a joyous place to be.

The Julien's Commentary: One of our favourite things about weddings is seeing the families come together! We really believe that good food and wine brings people together, and we love that Chef encourages family style dining as an option!


Q: We really loved hearing about your wedding experience on the Mainland - can you share it with us again please!

Fausto: During my 36 years career, I had the fortune to work side by side some of the most mythical Chefs, and all those experiences came together when I joined the North Shore Conference Center in North Vancouver.  We hosted an average of 85 Weddings per year…Italian Weddings…450 Guests and up. That experience gave me the confidence to provide high quality food & service to large groups of Guests, personalizing each event, according to the wishes of each Client.

The Julien's Commentary: We were blown away this last summer when we saw that each of our weddings we set up differently and had different food! It made it really exciting being part of such unique and personalized weddings at Cuckoos!

Julien PhotographyJulien Photography

Q: What is your favourite part about Weddings at Cuckoos?

Fausto: The intimacy and classic elegance of our venue, which is second to none!   We always make the point to tell our Guests that we are not a Banquet facility. Cuckoo’s Heritage Dining Room is unique in to itself and it provides a stunning background for memorable events that will stay with our Guests for a lifetime. For the 2017 season, we have added the Country Cottage Room, adjacent to our Fountain Garden patio…a totally independent Room with rustic beam ceilings and a fireplace. We are hoping to have it available by the Summer…

The Julien's' Commentary: We love the heritage dining room! It has a lot of personality and class, which makes for easy decorating - or none at all!


Q: What are a couple of your favourite features unique to Cuckoos?

Fausto: Our Food and our Staff! Beside the above mentioned beauty of our venue, our authentic food is the primary reason why Cuckoo Italian Trattoria is successful as a Restaurant. We also have been very fortunate to attract and retain a great group of Staff that, sincerely, share our passion for serving our Guests and becoming part of their celebrations. Being a private property, away from the traffic and noise, also provides our Guests with an oasis of tranquility and a sense of “being transported to a Country Home in Tuscany”

Q: What question do brides ask you the most?

Fausto: “How much is it going to cost me?”….no, wait…that’s usually the Groom’s question…! Joking aside, most couples ask questions about the whole process, however in the end they comment on how easy we make the whole process for them…we keep an open line of communication and exchange emails with our couples, we like to meet in person whenever it is possible and we answer all their questions… I imagine it is a big decision, but most Brides have a pretty good idea of how they envision their Wedding to be. We make ourselves fully available to assist them in making their dream come true…


Q: What do you do different that some other venues on Vancouver Island?

Fausto: I truly believe that we wear our heart on our sleeve and our sincere passion for serving our Guests comes through at the first meeting… Every Bride has a different vision, every couple has a different story, every family is different and personalising each event is key. We pride ourselves in tailoring every decision regarding each Wedding, according to the wishes of the Couple, according to their taste and their budget. Simple elegance is a trademark of our venue and simplicity is appreciated throughout the process of organizing a memorable Wedding!

Julien PhotographyJulien Photography

Q: Is there anything you would like to promote or some additional information?

Fausto: This is the most “advertising” we have done during the past seven years, regarding Cuckoo Italian Trattoria. Word of mouth has developed our business in to what you see here today…our Guests have always given us sincere and fair reviews and have helped us be better each time.  The addition of the Fountain Garden patio last season and the Country Cottage Room  this year, are the direct result of the success we have had in the past seven years. Cuckoo Italian Trattoria is about serving our Guests with freshness and passion!  Combining West Coast ingredients with traditional Italian recipes. Come on over…your table is ready!

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Steve's Favourite Things at Cuckoos:

GOATS, GOATS, GOATS! These guys are great entertainment for kids & adults alike! 

Julien PhotographyJulien Photography  


Courtney's Favourite Things at Cuckoos:

Photos on High: Balconies!

Julien PhotographyJulien Photography

We love using all the balconies around Cuckoos it instantly marks a couple status as important to be above the world and allows some moments to be alone.


Our ALL-TIME Favourite Thing:

We are honoured to be the first and only (so far) photographers to shoot the roof-top grasslands that is home to the famous

"Goats On the Roof"




To help you envision your Wedding day here are some photos ideas around the property:

The Ceremony Area:


The Outdoor Patio:



The Romantic Fountain:



Cherry Blossoms Out Front in Spring:


The Heritage Reception Hall:


Julien PhotographyJulien Photography

Julien PhotographyJulien Photography Julien PhotographyJulien Photography Julien PhotographyJulien Photography


Cuckoos at Night:


Cuckoos from our Experience by Steve & Courtney:

Cuckoos is truly amazing! From the authentic Italian cuisine & architecture to country rustic charm, and the incredibly professional team of Chef Fausto - Cuckoos makes for one very, unique & incredibly wedding venue...though we're sure you already know that! 

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Andy & Kim at Cuckoos and THE ICONIC ROOF PHOTO:



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