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Our Top Wedding Posts

May 18, 2020  •  Leave a Comment
Vancouver Island Wedding Photographers Julien Photography We combed through our most popular blog posts and put them in one easy spot for YOU! Here are our TOP POSTS... #1: 5 Unique Ways to Make Your Wedding Stand Out! If your'e looking for some unique and memorable ways to make your day, this post is a MUST! It has helped loads of couples t...
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Why Hire A Husband & Wife Wedding Photography Team

May 12, 2020
Why Hire A Husband & Wife Wedding Photography Team? It is often said that "Teamwork Makes The Dream Work!" And it could not be more accurate when it comes to us! It's easy to see why two may be better than one (after all...everyone was loaded in the Ark two by two) but here is what we believe makes us stand out! 1: Real Posing Have you eve...
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Costa Rica, Playas Hermosa Engagement Session {Taryn & Jeremy}

April 21, 2020  •  Leave a Comment
Costa Rica, Playas Hermosa Engagement Session {Taryn & Jeremy} Taryn & Jeremy's engagement session had all the elements to make a phenomenal - big ocean waves, s unset on the beach, a little bit of jungle, and wild kittens in the bushes. And I'll just say it - because I think we can all agree, my sister is absolutely stunning. She wore that wine c...
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Destination Wedding : Cancun, Mexico {Monica & Shawn}

March 31, 2020  •  3 Comments
Destination Wedding: Cancun, Mexico {Monica & Shawn} We've been trying to decide what we loved best about Shawnica's celebration...was it that they went barefoot in the sand to get married? Spent the days leading up to the wedding hanging out with their nearest and dearest...of which we are now included!! That they made custom mugs for everyone, h...
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Vancouver Island Wedding Awards 2020

March 03, 2020  •  1 Comment
Vancouver Island Wedding Awards 2020 This years VIWIA were the best yet! Not only because we (and by we I mean Courtney!!) took home an incredible 2 awards -but also because I was reminded just how much fun everyone in the wedding industry on Vancouver Island is to spend time with! The night began pretty differently than I (Steve) thought it would...
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6 Tips if it Rains on Your Wedding Day!

March 01, 2020  •  Leave a Comment
Rainy Day on Wedding Tips While planning your wedding, you may have had the unwanted thought..."What if it rains on my wedding day?"...And then maybe panicked? Don't worry! You are not alone, and It's not just something we here on Vancouver Island worry about! The possibility that it might sprinkle, drizzle or even pour on your wedding day is ther...
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Bridal Party {Tips for Choosing Yours}

February 13, 2020  •  1 Comment
Bridal Party {Tips for Choosing Yours} There are so many decisions to be made when it comes to your wedding, and we believe choosing your wedding party, the team that will stand beside and behind you on your wedding day, is of the utmost importance! We've seen wedding parties made up of 4, 7 & even 18 people...yep. 18 Has been our largest party y...
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Destination Wedding : Costa Rica {Taryn & Jeremy}

February 11, 2020  •  Leave a Comment
Destination Wedding: Costa Rica {Taryn & Jeremy} We just got back from Costa Rica where we had the absolute honour of photographing my sisters wedding…my BABY sisters wedding! To say we had an incredible time is an understatement. We spent a week hanging out as a HUGE family, all five of us kids, our spouses, parents, Taryn & Jeremy’s best friends,...
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5 Questions To Ask Your Potential Wedding Photographer...

February 03, 2020
5 Questions To Ask Your Potential Wedding Photographer... Planning a wedding can be a lot of work! There are so many options to choose from when it comes to photography, venue, decor etc. As photographers, we know a thing or two about choosing the perfect photography match to capture your wedding day memories. Although working within your budget is...
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Pipers Lagoon Engagement {Matt & Sara}

January 21, 2020  •  2 Comments
Pipers Lagoon Engagement {Matt & Sara} Sara & Matt's engagement had EVERYTHING AMAZING! Fall colours & changing leaves, beach fire, blue skies plus TURKEY DINNER at the end! We met up with these two in the afternoon on Thanksgiving for their engagement session, and it was the best addition to our weekend! Pipers Lagoon is one of the best places in...
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I JUST GOT ENGAGED!! Top 10 To-Do's When There is a Ring On It!

January 15, 2020  •  Leave a Comment
I JUST GOT ENGAGED!! Top 10 To-Do's When There is a Ring On It! First things first - CONGRATULATIONS!! To say it is an exciting time is quite an understatement...because it is a MASSIVELY exciting time! You just got engaged, just retelling the story of how it happened is enough to send you into a romantic spiral! But so are the questions from ever...
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Wedding Tips For Grooms

January 07, 2020  •  Leave a Comment
Wedding Tips for the Groom There are so many blogs that have amazing tips for Bride's to Be, after all, it's a day most brides dream about for years! However; there is not too much out there for Groom's to Be! So - if you're that groom, let's lift a glass and cheers to you! Here's a blog with a few tips from practical to emotional for you to have a...
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5 Out of the Box Ideas to Celebrate Your Wedding Day

January 06, 2020  •  1 Comment
5 Out of the Box Ideas to Celebrate Your Wedding Day If you're looking for a few amazing ways to make your big day even better...we've got our top "5 Out of the Box Ideas" for you to to Celebrate your Wedding Day! 1. Walk into Your First Dance We love this one! Often times we watch your first dance as husband and wife unfold - but not everyo...
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Wedding Day Emergency Kit

January 04, 2020  •  1 Comment
Wedding Day Emergency Kit Your wedding day is full of unexpected things - tears, laughs, drink spills, dirt stains and possibly few other things! So why not be prepared? We've been photographing weddings for sometime now, and we pack a little emergency kit for most unexpected occasions! If you've been attacked by a mosquito or stung by a wasp (t...
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Mt. Washington Wedding {Mike & Jennifer}

December 02, 2019  •  2 Comments
Mt. Washington Wedding {Mike & Jennifer} You never know what you are going to get weather wise in November- and Mike & Jennifer essentially had a summer wedding in November! It was so warm and sunny, the guests didn't even use their cozy jackets for the ceremony! We arrived to the mountain a little early, and thought we'd check out the ceremony sit...
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