We have been happily married for the last 10 years...though we always say its more like 18 because we work together! We first met at the $6.99 movie bin of Future Shop, I was trying to organize it and Steve, sauntered up to let me know it’d be back to chaos in less than 10 minutes. And then it was destroyed...The rest, they say, is history! 

We love snuggling up on the couch to binge watch our favourite series on Netflix, a great movie - or the best DIY channel ever...HGTV! We cozy up with our four favourite little creatures (in order of their above appearance) Monroe, Michael, Annabelle & Teddy - our cats! These four have made our lives better in all sorts of tiny ways since the day we brought them home, and also added a touch of chaos! They make frequent appearances on our social media and are Kitt's favourite things to chase...

Our gorgeous little girl named is Kitt! She's SPECTACULAR, we call her Nugget (she was only 5lbs 11oz), Knight Rider, Jack Breacher... We welcomed her into our lives on March 1, 2019 and it has been an amazing whirlwind ever since! She's the happiest baby you've ever met and brings us a ridiculous amount of joy & laughs! She's a ham. Which she obviously gets from me, her Mama! Monroe loves her best, she shares her food with him - and we can't wait for her to assist us at weddings!

Thank you to the amazing Lisa at K Photography for taking the spectacular photos of our baby girl above!

We love to travel, but we travel differently! I love to relax and let loose on the hot beaches - mainly in Hawaii. I love the Aloha life. Disneyland is always a go - and we ADORE cruises! Steve loves to absorb the wonder of history! He would take the museums of Paris over the heat of Hawaii...but there is always a compromise to be had so long as there is a glass of whiskey involved! We've been blessed enough to have traveled to an unreal amount of places...Hawaii, California, France (Paris & Nice!), Ireland, Scotland, England and can't wait to see more!

We spend a lot of time with our family, playing games (Perudo, Wizard, Puertorico, Settlers...) and love the huge family holidays. I come from a big family, and am one of 5 kids - so massive family gatherings are standard edition and I'm always grateful them. Steve has a part time gig as the family mixologist, and loves making Tiki drinks, sharing whiskey & a grand conversation. You should have seen his Thanksgiving drink menu circa 2019. Wow. I will always take a pint of Guinness - no matter the weather. I love the stage, and Steve loves to be my "Stage Mom"...as I call him. He's always encouraging me to get up there and SING! In fact...I placed second in the "Voice of the Ocean" competition on our last cruise!


We love to hold hands and be together. We are best friends, polar opposites and know exactly how to push each others' buttons. And while its sometimes challenging working together, we wouldn’t have it any other way! Our love of weddings lets us celebrate over and over, and we love meeting couples who are just as excited to spend the rest of their lives together! 

We believe that togetherness & tradition are to be celebrated. That appreciation of fine craft is to be cultivated. Life is meant to be warm & lived well, joy is a full time investment - and every lemon can make a fine cup of lemonade!