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We are excited you're here to find out a little more about our wedding video services, and how we can help to make your wedding day incredible! There are always many questions that come with wedding videography, so we have done our best below to answer as many of them as is possible!

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What kind of wedding videography do you offer and what is the "Highlight Wedding Film"?

Our main wedding videography product is the highlight wedding film. These are a music video style, about 3-5 minutes in length and meant to help you relive the memories of your wedding day in a fun, exciting and emotional way that you can watch over and over! Think of them like an epic movie trailer! The day is filmed in short video clips, and then blended together in an easy to watch, short film. 

We also offer additional film product add-ons such as full ceremony cuts, speeches, reception, audio cuts etc.! Here are a few of our favourite highlight wedding videos in the sideshow below.

Sam & Taylor Victoria Wedding VideoSam & Taylor's Victoria Wedding Video Gardens at HCP and Fireside Grill


How Much Do Your Highlight Wedding Films Cost? 

Videography is the perfect addition to your day! It is the ultimate compliment to your photography, and gives you even more options to re-live your beautiful day over and over again!


Highlight Wedding Films Start at $2,995.00 plus Tax 

With all the options available, our clients typically invest $3,500 - $5,100 in Wedding Videography.

Qualicum Wedding VideoQualicum Wedding Video for Torill & Paulo


Do You Offer Customizations or Special Packages?

Yes! Depending on availability, we can offer custom packages. If there are items you would like to add to existing packages as well, we can certainly chat about accommodating those things! 



How do you choose the song for the film? 

Choosing the song for each video is an art in itself! We choose based on pace, feel and build! Creating a video that gives you all the emotion and takes you on a journey is not easy - but once we've found the perfect song, the video really comes together! Sometimes a film demands a slower song, sometimes faster - it's all about the emotion & feels. Added to this - we can't choose just any song from the radio - all of the music we use is fully licensed for legal use, and the rights are all purchased.

Choosing the music is not a task for the faint of heart - and we spend a lot of time doing it!  

Ali & Charles Sea Cider Wedding VideoSea Cider Wedding Video by Julien Photography



Can I choose the song for the film?

As we mentioned above - choosing the song for each video is an art in itself, and is based on a few different things! We try to choose a song that will resonate with our couples, and in light of that ask our couples the style of music they love best and the kind of feel they're hoping for
and go from there. We know from experience, and from our couples - that it is hard to choose the perfect song, so let us take the creative reigns and craft you the perfect film!  

Here is a film where we worked closely with a couple to find a song that represented the feeling of the wedding day they were going for.

Vancouver Island Wedding VideoWedding Video for Nanaimo Clients Monica and Shawn


What is the finished product? How long is it?

 We offer two styles of highlight films for our couples to choose from. While both are highlight music videos showcasing your amazing day in a theatrical, cinema style trailer - one of our available options includes your wedding vows overlayed during the ceremony! Both options are downloadable, shareable product that you can watch on repeat and share! 

Option 1: 3-5 Minute Highlight Film Set to Song, this is favourite Video choice! It is fast paced emotional and exciting way to relive your day over and over.

Option 2: 3-5 Highlight Video With VOW insert. Same cut as option 1, but with one minute of Spoken Highlights of Vows from your Ceremony This can be a great option for couples who take the time to write custom vows and want them showcased in the video but does slow the pace of the video.

Additionally, You invest in some of our other services like filming the full ceremony, adding audio & filming speeches, Dances! ETC... Just ask!

Here is a Highlight Film set to Song (just hit play):


Here is our "Timeless Cinema" Option with Vows from your Ceremony (just hit play):



What is the "Ceremony Cut"? Can I have audio included from the Ceremony?

We know many of our couples love the highlight film, and we also know that they want to watch their ceremony over again! Based on that, we offer a full "Ceremony Cut". We can do that with a single camera at the end of the aisle, or given enough notice, can do it with multiple cameras! The audio from your ceremony is over-layed to give you the complete re-watch of your "I Do's!". These films range anywhere from 10-25 minutes or the length of your ceremony! We include a few set up shots and add music to really give you the full picture! In short - YES we can add audio in of vows!

Curious to see a multiple camera ceremony cut? Just hit play on the video below...



Can I order a full, multi camera "Ceremony Cut" After the wedding?

Yes! We can deliver that as well! Something to keep in mind if you do decide to order it after the wedding...when we're filming just for a highlight film, while we do record the ceremony in its entirety on a centre camera, often the peripheral cameras are the moving ones, and as such, we may have a little less footage, or sometimes you may see some movement or shake in those clips, or people crossing in front of the camera. The more advance notice we have, that you might even be considering ordering the full ceremony cut, the better! 



Can you do both photography & film on my day? How does that work?

YES! In fact - we love this combination! If we could make it happen, each and every wedding with us would be photos & film! They compliment each other so perfectly - and really give you the complete legacy to relive your wedding day! Your photos will adorn your walls, be shared with family and friends and your film will hold each smile, emotion and tear for you to rewatch! 

When you've booked us to both photograph & film your day - its not too different from how we typically work when only photographing. We offer the same great dual coverage, posing & coaching, and dynamic Julien's duo - we just add an associate videographer on for Steve, and associate second shooter for Courtney! Curious to see how seamless it is? We work as a husband & wife team on your day to capture and give you the full picture of your day - see what it looks like when we work as a husband & wife team to capture film & photography by clicking the image below...

Dana & Brett's Wedding Day Blog Preview



How well do you work with other vendors?

Honestly we love working with other vendors! If you already have someone for photography we would love to be your Wedding Videographers. Our goal is to ensure your day is everything you hoped it would be, and we are there to support you! It takes a village to make the wedding day go smoothly - and we always look forward to working with other vendors, tagging and sharing with them as well as helping out if needed! Plus being photographer we know how to get amazing footage without interfering with the photography! That being said there is something special about hiring THE JULIEN'S for Photos and Video as we know how to work alongside each other seamlessly in sometimes very confined spaces on your wedding day and get the best results.


Can I have the RAW, un-edited video footage? 

In short - no. In length...we film highlight videos in short 2-5 second clips, and it is not a product we would ever consider selling as it does not represent the finished video product, and the raw files are so large you would not be able to watch them in a regular player. As such, the raw footage is somewhat useless unless it goes to the editing room. When we're filming your day, our role is as storytellers which means not every second and every angle is filmed - but we do capture a general feeling for the day and deliver in one amazing, finished product! Usually what clients refer to un-edited, raw footage they really want full ceremony, reception highlights like speeches or dances etc. . . all of which are available to be added on to your package!

merridale wedding videomerridale wedding video


How long does delivery take?

Highlight Film/Ceremony Cuts Are typically delivered between 6-8 Weeks following the Monday of your wedding, to a maximum 90 business days. Once your film is ready, if you have booked us for photography as well, expect your film to follow within the week after your photo release! We don't want to overwhelm you with all the amazingness! 


How do I book you for my wedding day?

If you love what you see on our website, just click the contact button below! We are one of the top rated wedding photography and videography teams on the Island. So If you are aiming for a summer Saturday wedding please inquire as early as possible as most Saturdays typically book up one whole year out! However Videography is a great last minute add on so just let us know if you thinking about it no matter what day it is. Also consider having an off season wedding like Chelsea and Ryan did in the video above! When you book your day with the Julien's, we remove that day from the availability calendar and the date is exclusively yours and we turn down all other date requests.