Frequently Asked Questions

You've Got Questions & We've Got Answers


We're grateful you're here to find out a little more about us, and how we can help to make your wedding day incredible! There are always many questions that come with choosing your wedding photographers, so we have done our best below to answer as many of them as is possible! If you have more questions that we haven't answered below, please just hit the contact button above to get in touch with us! 



You mention an online "Image Viewing Gallery" in your Collections...what is it?

Our "Image Viewing Gallery" is something unique and special that we offer in all of our wedding collections! It is a PERMANENT, private, password protected gallery where you and your family & friends can go at anytime to view the story of your wedding day! 



What is the Digital Collection? 

Ah! Yes, we get this question a lot! The "Digital Collection" is all your Hi-Resolution, fully edited images you see in your Image Viewing Gallery (and a few other amazing perks!)! With the Digital Collection, you can head to your local print lab to make multiple sized prints for decorating the house or to give as gifts, and more! The best part? Its included with all our wedding packages! You will be given a download link for your full resolution files!



How do we get the photos? Are they included with our Package?

In short - YES! They are included with your package! At Julien Photography, we believe in delivering our couples an amazing finished product! With each of our packages, we include a permanent, online viewing gallery, the "Image Viewing Gallery", as well as digital downloads of your full resolution files! The gallery will allow both you and your guests to peruse all the images, and you will received a private link to download your hi-res wedding digital collection right to your computer!

We also love to ask our couples another question:

"How do you envision showing off and celebrating your wedding day?"

Beyond the Digital Collection, we also offer our couples a gorgeous line of Albums & Canvas Prints, A La Carte so that you can decide how you would best love to display some of your favourite photos!  



INSTAGRAM! Can I use filters on my Insta Posts?

The long and short answer for this one: No. We absolutely LOVE that you are sharing the images from your day or shoot on Instagram - we are actually super pumped and encourage sharing! With our images, we politely ask that if you are sharing them publicly on social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc.) that you upload the original image as delivered, with our signature look and finish. We ask this because, like any artist, and business, we don't want our look to be mis-represented to any potential clients - and in truth, the Valencia filter just isn't our jam. 



How long until we see our Image Viewing Gallery?

During our high season in the wedding industry, we strive to deliver your gorgeous images to you as fast as possible! That being said, we still need a little time to unwind and spend with our family. We will have your full Image Viewing Gallery ready for you to see in just 6-8 weeks from the big day! We should also mention...we always do teaser photos just a day or two after your wedding!! That way you can get a taste for just how awesome your images will be and get even more excited when we deliver the Image Viewing Gallery to you!



Are the Photos in our Image Viewing Gallery Edited?

Yes! We deliver all of our couples a fully edited Image Viewing Gallery. That means we have touched up each image to a professional standard. Whether the images have received a light touch up (colour corrected, crop, blemish removal etc.) or more of an artistic touch up - your images have been finished and made ready for you to view with our Signature Julien Photography Look.   


Black & White Images

We typically select 15-25% of your images for Black & White treatment as we have found this is nearly the perfect percentage. The images selected are usually more candid in nature, and aren't delivered in colour versions. We use artistic discretion to choose the images that will be delivered in B/W, or colour to tell a complete story of each client's event. If you would like to remain closer to 15% or above the 25% of B/W, please let us know and we will review your request.

To give you a better idea of our process, we use 4 key factors to choose images for B&W conversions:

  • They have a certain classic, candid quality to them that suggests B/W would really bring the viewer into the moment. 
  • There are times when the image has been shoot from a more secondary shooter position without the same external lighting, ie. natural light, and the image looks too different from the image the primary shooter photographed. 
  • If there are colourful objects in the background they can distract the viewer from the intended subject.
  • It is a similar image to another, but the moment was great and we wanted to give you an alternate perspective on a similar image.

Julien PhotographyJulien Photography


What is the "Same Day Edit/Teaser Slideshow"?

This is one of our favourite collection additions!! On your wedding day, we know how eager you and all your guests are to see images from the day! Who wouldn't be!? So what we've done is make it happen! During the dinner hour, one of us will be working on putting together a gorgeous teaser slideshow of your day with some of our top images throughout the day! You and your guests will get to see the magic of the day - on the day!! Its pretty awesome! Following your wedding day, we'll have the images posted to Facebook for you to view before, during and after your honeymoon. The best part? You can show people on the plane just how amazing your day was! 



 We want the RAW, unedited files...can we have them?

We always like to answer this question with a question..."Would you want a stunning piece of Art half finished?" Probably not. And so, we don't deliver the RAW (straight out of camera files), nor are they available for purchase. Like most artists, we are not in the business of delivering an unfinished product that hasn't been edited with our Signature Julien Photography Look. The photos you see in your Image Viewing Gallery have been hand selected by us, edited one at a time and delivered to you to tell the incredible story of your wedding day!    


How many images will we receive?

This depends on your package coverage & customizations! One average, you may receive roughly 50-75 images per hour of coverage. As always, this amount will vary depending on the day itself - but please know we will cover as much as is available to ensure we have told the complete and wonderful story of your wedding day!



Can we see the photos that didn't make the Image Viewing Gallery?

We have done our best during the post-process to ensure not a single image has been missed for you to see! In honour of full disclosure, you should know that we include the best of the best images! The only images that don't make the cut into your gallery are as follows:

- Duplicate Moments, Blurry Captures, Missed Moments, Test Shots/Outtakes

The above images are not kept, as they tend to clog the ole' computer/hard drive  arteries and are therefore not available. We cannot guarantee and specific image is captured, and if you don't see it in your photo gallery, it is not available


Can I give you a complete shot list, inspired Pinterest photos, and "must have shots" I want...?

Thats going to be a hard NO. As a creative couple - you would be hindering our favourite part about what we do, and likely the reason you came to us in the first place! Pinterest is a great resource when it comes to decor, dress & floral ideas...however for photography, we reserve the right to create - unlimited - amazing art for you, and we know you'll love it! If there are one or two images that you absolutely love, we can have look and see about perhaps re-creating it but with our own take on it (which will likely make you love it more ;D) We always recommend when you're looking at other images, rather than tell us what you like about the look of the image, tell us what you love about the FEEL of the image! Most of the time, the light, the couple, the dress, the setting etc. is entirely different from what you're doing with your day, but definitely tell us what it makes you feel and we'll see what we can do! 

We do work with our couples to provide an in depth family photo list, and if you would like a couple additional group set-ups added to it, just let us know and we'll work on adding it in!



I'm late! I'm late! Will you stay longer than your coverage says...for free?

Your wedding day is all yours - to happen and unfold as you would have it! To that end, if you require additional time beyond what you have booked, it is available - for an hourly rate. If you need the added time, we can discuss it on the day and go ahead with your approval and we will send you the bill on the following Monday. You can see our additional hourly rate here. 



Can we bring our pets for some photos?

Absolutely! We would probably bring Michael & Annabelle everywhere with us...but they wouldn't be overly thrilled with us! We do need to know in advance so that we can plan time accordingly. If you're going to be bringing your pooch, cat, iguana, or horse with you we highly recommend having a pet handler to help you out! With our animal photos on a wedding day, we typically only need your best friends for about 15 - 20 minutes and then they can head back home to relax or to the reception to receive loads of cuddles and love from your guests! 



We've hear a lot about this "Un-Plugged" wedding day...what is it?

Its awesome is what it is! One of the things we have noticed in our years of shooting weddings is that with the advent of technology, people pay less attention on your day. Sad - but true. Even Grandma is arriving with her trusty iPad to document the day, and evidently she misses most of it and we can't seem to get a nice candid of her genuine smile! With this in mind, we highly recommend/suggest making at least your ceremony un-plugged! Its an interesting concept in an age where everyone and their dog has a camera, but when our couples have done it, the results are amazing! We see tears, smiles, laughter, get the picture, we're sure! We always welcome others to take photos on the day, however we reserve the right as your paid professional photographers to perhaps ask a guest to take their seat during the ceremony, or when we're working creatively, so as not to interrupt the coverage you have booked with us.



Do you get a break to eat at the reception?

Yes. You probably would be upset if we left the building in search of some much needed sustenance...we don't do well when we're "hangry"! We require seats at your reception, whether those are with your guests, or a private table - we LOVE meeting your friends and hearing some embarrassing stories about you, as well as eating when you eat. During the dinner, we put our cameras down so that you don't have to see photos from that time you were eating with a full mouth...right? We're pretty sure it wouldn't impress you very much to see photos of yourself at a very unforgiving moment in dinner...

We typically require 15-20 minutes to sit and eat and then we're right back at it!

We suggest not scheduling anything important (especially that you would like photos of) while we are on our dinner break, as like any job, it is our break and we will not be working during that time.  

Julien PhotographyJulien Photography


Are you insured? What if you get sick?

You bet! We are 100% insured and ready to go! Any great business owner would and should be!

In all our years photographing weddings, we have never missed a single one. Nor have we been sick at any! We work hard during wedding season, but we also make sure to take amazing care of ourselves and our health to ensure you don't have to worry! In the incredibly unlikely event that we are unable to make it to your wedding day, our insurance allows us to provide you a replacement photographer to cover your event of the same OR better calibre!


How do I book you for my wedding day, and what do you need?

If you love what you see on our website, just click the contact button below or at the top of the page! That will put you in touch with us and get the excitement going! We require a $1,500.00 retainer & signed contract to secure, hold and book your wedding date. Unfortunately, with out the retainer/contract we can't hold a date for you or "pencil" you in, and we work on a first come, first serve basis. When you book your day with the Juliens, we remove that day from the availability calendar and the date is exclusively yours and we turn down all other date requests. For that reason, retainers and monies paid are non-refundable. The final payment for your photography services is due two weeks prior to the wedding date, but if you forget - don't worry...we'll send you a little invoice reminder ;D