What our Couples are Saying...

Don't just take our word for it...read what our amazing couples are saying about their experience and wedding day with the Julien's...



Billy + Jillian | Tigh-Na-Mara Seaside Spa Resort, BC

All I can say is - LOOK NO FURTHER. You have found the perfect photographers to capture your PERFECT wedding day! Call them, book them - right now! You will probably end up being friends with them after.I booked Julien photography over a year in advance and at the time I was impressed with their website, with their fast and efficient response times, and just their overall fun vibe. I had no idea at that moment what a phenomenal choice I was making!

A couple of things that really stood out - other than the obvious ones of being easy to get ahold of, on time for everything, and taking amazing photos.

1. If you have a groom who hates the idea of photos you are in the right place! My now husband spent the whole year leading up to the wedding ridiculing me for booking a photographer to take stupid corny wedding photos. It only took about 30 seconds after meeting Courtney and Steve for him to change his tune completely. He ended up having a blast, and even loves the photos!

2. They are actually super fun wedding guests that will make your other guests have way more fun

3. They are hilarious and should have a side career as comedians

4. They are super prepared for all sorts of ridiculous situations that you can't even anticipate. They fixed a broken strap on my dress, leant me slippers when my feet were sore, gave me an advil when my back started hurting, had an umbrella when a sunshower surprised us and even had granola bars to feed hangry bridesmaids. How would I even have survived without them?

If weddings weren't supposed to be a once in a lifetime type thing, I would go back to the Julien's every year. ;) Since they are - I'll probably go back for Boudoir shots!

Thanks for everything you two!



Greg + Kelbree Dunham | Nanoose Bay, BC

What can we say about the Julien Photography! On our wedding day, they took what was already going to be an amazing experience for both of us and made it even better (if that's even possible)!! Steve and Courtney were with us from the very beginning of the day and stayed right to the bitter end - going above and beyond the time we expected them to put in. On top of that, and probably even more importantly, our photos were absolutely stunning and captured the feel and emotion of our day perfectly. You will not be let down by the Julien's - two photographers for the price of one, two artists who are brilliant at what they do, two amazing people who you'd be lucky to spend the day with!!



Kevin + Lyndsay Ngo | The Beach Club Resort, Parksville, BC

We are so lucky to have found Steve and Courtney and had them as our engagement and wedding photographers. The photos that they take are spectacular, and award winning. They've been more than just photographers for us. During our wedding planning, they were essentially wedding advisors for us. But they've also become our friends. Best of all though, they're a ton of fun. When they are shooting us, time flies. Steve and Courtney will end up spending 3 hours taking amazing photos of us and it will only feel like we were out for an hour. They are very effective and communicating exactly how they want to position us, for every photo. They've developed a vocabulary for each of the poses and positions (hollywood walk, temple kiss, etc.), that ensures stunning photos. We'll miss them not only as our photographers, but also as our friends. Thank you Julien's for capturing special moments that we would have never even imagined.



Ed + Bobbi Comerford | Madrona Beach Resort, Parksville, BC

Courtney and Steve ❤️... You truly outdid yourselves, as I had every confidence that you would! Thank you so much for capturing the very essence of our beautiful day... and for all the laughs Ed and I shared with you in the process. You ensured we not only had a blast, but also that everything we could possibly need was packed in your Mary Poppins bag... water, snacks, plastic mat for us to lounge on in the tide pools, beach towel.... didn't see wine, but dammit we never thought to ask!! 😳
My very favourite memory Courtney, was you barefoot, in almost full side splits on the "quicksand".... resting forward on your elbows to capture the ripples of the sand in the foreground!! I'm sure you not only got the shot, but also benefitted from a great elbow exfoliation!!! 😂😜
Love you guys... you are THE BEST!!😍😘



Bryce + Melanie | The Coast Hotel, Nanaimo, BC

Our first impression of Steve and Courtney was from their video on their website. This video perfectly depicts how fun and energetic they are. Because my husband and I live in Alberta we arranged a Skype date to meet them for the first time and it was amazing. We could have chatted for hours. Throughout the planning process they were extremely helpful even offering to help taste test cake for us. On the day of our wedding Steve and Courtney were extremely helpful, professional and even fed me (the bride) to keep me from passing out. They were imaginative with posing and choosing locations and stood on the beach in Jaunary for hours with us to get the perfect shots. Steve even gave me his jacket to keep me from freezing. They kept to their schedule, to a tee, and drove us back to our reception as the wedding party had taken our cars already. As a busy bride at our reception they stayed beyond their scheduled departure to ensure we could sneak away for a beautiful night shoot. Over all the Julien's were amazing to deal with, punctual, kind and fun. We would absolutely, and have, recommended them to anyone. The photos speak for them, absolutely stunning. Thank you Steve and Courtney for being such an important and special part of our wonderful day.



David + Amanda Lutes| Black Rock Oceanfront Resort, Ucluelet, BC

I don't think there is anything the Juliens would not do for their clients. They are always looking for new and exciting opportunities. For my husband and I it was a canoeing engagement shoot and a wedding in Ucluelet. This couple make the perfect team as they can be goofy to liven things up or perfectly professional as well. They felt like guests at the wedding because we got to know them so well in such a short amount of time! I could go on and on!



Darcy + Niki Lopez | Merridale Ciderworks, Cobble Hill, BC

Courtney and Steve are not only amazing photographers, but also amazing people!. We have know them for a couple years as they also photographed my best friends wedding in 2013. When my husband and I got engaged in 2015 the very first decision we made was, no matter what, the Juliens would be photographing our wedding. They made the scheduling and planning so easy, and the wedding day so stress free and fun! We 100% trusted that they would go above and beyond to make sure we had the best experience and photos possible, and they did not disappoint!
-The Lopez-is :)



Bryce + Hillory | Hatley Castle, Victoria, BC

When my wife and I picked out our wedding package, it left out one important detail. It failed to mention that Courtney and Steve would be life long friends of ours from that day forward.

We had previously tried to use another photographer and it didn't work out. We found the Juliens website and instantly fell in love with their work. You can see the amount of pride they have in their work, it shows in every photo. I could not be happier with the work they have done, the customer service and the enthusiasm.

For anyone looking for a wedding photographer, I don't suggest you get one... Get two. Steve and Courtney are both two totally different style of photographers and shoot different material and different angles. This allows for very diverse photos from every angle imaginable, they won't miss a single part of your wedding. Not only do they shoot well on their own, they come together as an incredible team to accomplish breathtaking shots with amazing lighting.

I will warn you though! Steve and Courtney will kick your ass. They were the FIRST people at the wedding and the absolute LAST to leave. They push you to your limits to make sure there are no shots left, no angles missed and you will thank them later.

They were flexible, accommodating, realistic and extremely dedicated. I cannot think of a better team of photographers. I can't say enough about the amazing experience my wife and I have had with Courtney and Steve. If you are looking for wedding photos you will never forget and friends you will never lose, look no further.



Owen + Kara Harrison | German Hall, Nanaimo, BC

My husband and I are so thrilled with how our photos turned out! Choosing the right photographer for our wedding was so important, and when we found the Juliens, I knew we had to book them. They were super fun to be around, and brought so many creative ideas to the table so that we didn't have to worry about anything. I absolutely recommend them to anyone looking for amazing photos!



Tricia + John Dikken | Bowen Park, Nanaimo, BC

If you are looking for amazing photos, look no further. Steve and Courtney are the most easy going, fun people to work with and they go above and beyond to make sure your day (and your pictures!) are a success! Our engagement and wedding pictures are stunning and we get compliments all the time on how well the photography was done. I would highly recommend these two!!!



Julien PhotographyJulien Photography Vincent + Lisa Chai | Dragons Lodge, Gabriola Island, BC

Amazing! This funny, sweet yet sassy, creative duo gave us beautiful photos that captured the perfect memories of our engagement and of our wedding. When we look back at their photos we not only remember the moments but how we were feeling in those moments. They had us becoming comfortable in front of the camera in no time, gave us great direction and added so much more to an already special experience. Our guests loved them and we love them! Highly recommended : )



Cameron + Michelle Wong | The Beach House Restaurant, Oak Bay, BC

We had a fantastic time working with Courtney and Steve! All our family members later told us how professional and friendly our photographers were and we can't help but completely agree! Courtney and Steve were extremely flexible during our hectic day and we were so grateful to have such wonderful photographers to work with. I would highly recommend working with Julien Photography.



Phil + Daylene Jones | Dragons Lodge, Gabriola Island, BC

Steve and Courtney did a fantastic job of photographing and videoing our wedding last summer and engagement photo shoot the summer before. They and their team were very professional and organized and the images/video they captured turned out better than I expected. They were very accommodating with all of our requests and made the entire experience pain free. We couldn't have asked for anything more!



Focused with the Focus 2 app Danny + Nadege Thierault | Painter's Lodge, Campbell River, BC

There are no words to describe the amazing talent of Julien photography. They not only capture the photo, but the emotion tied to it. Every picture they took was breathtaking and you felt you could not live without that photo. It was very evident in the way they interacted with our wedding party how much they love what they do. We got a video made theirs still not a week that goes by that we don't watch are amazing wedding video. I highly recommend this couple love love loved their work!



Kyle + Cecelia Vestby | The Wedgewood at Stallion Mountain, Las Vegas, NV

Most amazing photographers! We got the engagement and wedding package and it was worth every penny for the memories! Our wedding was in Vegas and they were able to capture everything so that we can remember the entire day! Thank you :)
Love Cecilia and Kyle



Ian + Kirsty | Sunrise Ridge Resort, Parksville, BC

I have done 4 photo session with the Juliens and every time it has been great! They make the session fun. I don't like having my picture taken but with the Juliens I enjoy it. Having both of them take pictures is great because you get two angles of the entire event, also they both have their own specialists when it comes to posed pictures. In the end you get a great variety of expertly captured photos that you will enjoy for a life time.