About Steve

So first things first Yes...you may say I am crazy to be working full time with my wife! Not everyone can do it, but I wouldn't have it any other way because we have a really great time together !! :) I was born in Quebec, but before you ask...Non - je ne parle pas francais! Although Courtney's accent could convince even a Parisian, mine can't! I definitely inherited a love of wine, poutine and pastries ( which have fruit in them - so I consider them both healthy & a breakfast meal)! Like many...I went to University for what seemed years - only to end up not making a career of what my degree is in! It wasn't all for not, as it helped me realize who I was and brought out my creativity.

 I would like to think that I am really easy to get along with and always have a lot to talk about - I'm interested in a million things! I really believe that finding things in common with people helps build a relationship, and it makes having your picture being taken a lot more comfortable.

Here is a short list of a few interests I love talking about and hope that you have a few of these interests too!

  1. Photography: Ya I know another photographer saying they love photography, but I love it and everything about it: the tech, the art, the editing, and teaching it! 
  2. Movies, Netflix & Chill: I love film, I love making movies and watching movies Courtney and I go to the theatre about once a week!!!! TV is getting so good these days, its sometimes even better than movies! Game of thrones, Stranger Things, Westworld, Fringe, even reality TV like Hells kitchen and Survivor!!
  3. Games: Board games Video games whatever I love em all always happy to get a phone call from friends asking to Perudo, Ticket to Ride, Yahtzee or other board games! Lately Jack.tv Mario Kart and Zelda on my nintendo switch :)
  4. Fine Food, Fine Wine and Spirits: : Risotto, Lasgana, Pasteries, Steak, Pizzza or trying to find the best burger in Vegas. I love a good red wine and the mission of finding the best bottles under $15! I love going to whiskey festivals and sampling fine SCOTCH - especially the sweeter ones from Glenmorangie, Macallan, Highland Park and Crown Royale Northern Harvest!
  5. Cigars: Not those tiny little ones you get at a gas station, but the fine Cuban Cigars - Romeo and Julietta, Monte Cristos and Cohiba, to name a few! I get together with my awesome Father-In-Law about once a week for a cigar date. Big tip its always good to have something in common with the in laws :)
  6. Walks with a Mission: This can DOES drive Courtney nuts! She loves walks to take in fresh air, nature and just enjoy, while I love them to really make something happen! Whether its getting food, taking photos or visiting someone - I like a mission!!
  7. Art: I love going to museums, studying & discussing art! I love the Impressionists like Van Gogh, and one of my modern favourites -Michael Sowa!  
  8. Travel, Trips & Trip Planning: Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a certified (un-officially) professional trip planner! While planning isn't my forte at home - Courtney is amazing - when it comes to trip and adventure planning we trade skills and Courtney does 0 planning. A few of the amazing places we have traveled areParis, Hawaii (Courtney never wants to leave), Disneyland, Las Vegas, Italy! Even our own backyard in Canada! It has some of the most memorable places I have been to! Haida Gwaii, The Yukon, Montreal,  Calgary, Harrison Hot Springs, Banff, and I especially love exploring our own west coast life here on the Island.
  9. Cruising: We did a small 3 day cruise down the Coast as a test - and loved it!! We got to disconnect, dine on our balcony at sunset, enjoy the waves and it was amazing. If you know of where our next cruise should be let us know!
  10. FUTURE TRIPS ON THE LIST: South Pacific, Tahiti, Greece, Disney World, Scotland, Trinidad and Caribbean! If you have ever been to these or future trip places I would love to talk to you about it!