Julien Photography

Branding Photo Session


Now more than ever quality media is the most important thing for a small business, company or individual to reach customers, clients and job offers. We absolutely love helping people grow their business through amazing photos and even video. Being a Husband and wife team gives our clients two different perspectives from anything from posing, lighting and even down to the final edits. 


If you want BRIGHT, COLOURFUL, EYE CATCHING PHOTOS you have come to the right place!


We have worked for many local businesses from vacation rentals, individuals seeking new opportunities to even our favourite pub the Longwood.


We make our sessions A LA CARTE to accommodate small business to 7 Figure business promotion. 


Each Package includes:

The Julien's on location

Employee photos 1-10 headshots 3/4 and full body

Product shots or feature photos 1-10

1-10 Lifestyle photos or on the job photos of 1-2 people



Add ons: 

1 minute Promo Video $995

2nd Location with 10-20 photos $295