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There are multiple reasons why we would both recommend & encourage an unplugged wedding! If you're on the fence, or if you've never heard about the idea, we'd start by asking you: 


"How do you imagine your guests enjoying your ceremony?"


Is it through their devices? iPhones, iPads, Cameras, smart phones, or does the idea of 75 plus devices staring you down the aisle alarm you just a little? Are they present physically & emotionally to take in your personal vows? It's an interesting question, and in our experience - the best guest experience is a device free experience! We have seen a few things in our time, from a guest answering their phone during a ceremony and proceeding to talk LOUDLY while vows were being done, to guests not paying any attention at a ceremony because they're too busy trying to take the next best Instagram or Facebook post (on their iPad) - all the while missing your actual walk down the aisle, or the tears your husband to be is crying seeing you for the first time! To be honest...its a little crushing for us as the photographers to witness guests missing out on moments of pure joy to capture a blurry iPhone photo...it totally sucks, so we came up with a few reasons you may want to label yours as an "Un-Plugged Wedding" (or rather ceremony)


1. You Have Paid Professional Photographers to Cover the Day

It may seem silly to have to remind people of this, but it happens all the time! Part of the reason you hired professional photographers for your day is so that you can look back on amazing photos, memories & emotion! It is our job to capture each event as best we can as it unfolds, and give you a gorgeous story telling of your day - and that includes photos of your family, friends and pets - ENGAGED in you and your wedding. We have had excited guests stand up and block our view in the midst of a first kiss just to get "the shot" - and in those moments we are grateful that there are the two of us to capture your moments!


2. It's AMAZING Seeing Photos of Your Guests Laughing, Crying and Enjoying Your Day - HANDS FREE!

You want those candid images - your parents crying as your vows unfold, or laughing when something unexpected happens! Your friends pure excitement for you when she sees you coming down the aisle in your dress - which she hasn't seen! We've been to many weddings where Mom, Grandma or Uncle Bob spends the entire ceremony with an iPad or device in their face, and instead of enjoying the moment, they're trying to snap a million (not so great) photos. Its heartbreaking! It is such a special time, it only happens once, so enjoying it IN THE MOMENT is paramount - for you and your guests!


3. You Want to Look Out Towards Your Guests...and See Their Faces...

It can be intimidating looking into a crowd of people and seeing nothing but devices - so how about requesting to your guests that you don't! It's a HUGE moment unfolding for you and your beloved, in front of many people - so why not request to them that when you look out, its to nothing but their happy faces!

Julien PhotographyJulien Photography



Alright, so we've talked about a couple of reasons why you might want an "Un-Plugged" ceremony/wedding, but lets chat about the best ways to let your guests know your wishes!


  1. The easiest way to get the ball rolling - include a note about it in your invitation, on your website or anywhere else your guests will be viewing all things wedding details! 
  2. Incorporate a cute little sign into your ceremony/wedding decor reminding your guests to leave their devices on silent, airplane mode, in their purse or in the car!
  3. Put a basket or bowl out for people to put their phones in when they enter.
  4. Provide your officiant or whoever is doing your ceremony with a script prior to the ceremony. The script is a great way to incorporate in a few of the reasons you are requesting the "Un-Plugged" event and remind people just how excited you are to have them be present and sharing in the moments with you! We've put a little sample script below if you'd like to use one:


"We are so thrilled you are here to share in our special day with us! Today, we want you to relax, have fun and enjoy every moment with us! With that in mind, you may have seen a sign about an "Un-Plugged Wedding" on your way down - and we are asking you to power down your devices and just be present in the moment with us! Please leave your phones (and we promise if you miss a call - they'll call back!), iPads, cameras in your bags - we've got you covered!

We've hired professional photographers for the day, and we're happy to share our professional photos with you later - in fact, you may see a few photos in the next day or two following the wedding! Today - the greatest gift you can give us is being fully present with us, to support us and share in all the beautiful moments and not post on social media as they unfold - as we might want to share our special day first." 


We know that there are so many things to consider planning for when it comes to your amazing day - and we hope these tips help make yours perfect! 



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