Why Hire A Husband & Wife Wedding Photography Team

May 20, 2021

Why Hire A Husband & Wife Wedding Photography Team?


It is often said that "Teamwork Makes The Dream Work!"

And it could not be more accurate when it comes to us! It's easy to see why two may be better than one, but here is exactly why we believe hiring a Husband & Wife Team will be the best decision you can make while planning your Wedding! 

Husband & Wife Wedding Photography Husband & Wife Wedding Photography why hire a husband and wife team



1: Real Posing

Have you every had someone describe to you how they want something done, only to not get it remotely right? We understand. Thats why we make every effort to "SHOW"! As a husband and wife team, we are in the unique and amazing position to show our couples posing demos in real time! From hugs, holds and kisses - to dips, spins & lifts! Its also helpful for us as photographers - because we quickly find out what doesn't work and what is amazing!

The extra bonus is instead of standing around waiting for any settings and light to be adjusted, like with a single photographer, you can cuddle up together off camera while we warm the lights and get the settings dialled in on each other. 


Julien PhotographyJulien Photography



2: Eye for Details

Not only do we offer help and direction to our couples, but we offer an all seeing eye for detail! With two of us, it means we are paying deep attention to the details on & around you! Whether your necklace is out of place, or a piece of grass is in the wrong spot - we make sure all the little things are taken care of, so you can pay attention to what's important . . .each other!




3: Dual Perspectives

When we get home from a wedding, or an engagement session, our favourite part is looking at each others' photos! It's amazing to see the full wedding story unfold as we blend our stories together!

We pride ourselves on being able to be in two places at once! What does that mean for our couples?

1) It means that those important moments have alot lower chance of being missed

2) We can capture your two angles at the same time. For instance at the ceremony we can capture your actions and reactions at a ceremony and others candid parts of the day! 

3) You get an extra bonus hour of coverage IN A WAY. By having Steve capturing the guys getting ready and Courtney capturing the girls getting ready we divide and conquer. Thus giving you much better coverage than a solo photographer travelling between two rooms or often far apart locations right at the start of a day. 

We love working as a team and giving our couples, both our perspectives.


Julien PhotographyJulien Photography



4: We Work as a Team in Every Aspect

Time is precious - and we don't want moments to be missed or passed by. One of the great advantages of our team dynamic is that we can divide our workflow to ensure our couples are getting everything covered that they want as part of their story. If you've seen us in action during the family photos at a wedding - you know what we're talking about! While I'm gathering and posing the masses (and sometimes holding pets) Steve is setting up lights and clicking the shutter! We are consistently working with each other to ensure our couples have an amazing day without a moment missed!




5: The Double Date

Our couples love the double date experience we provide! As another a couple, it makes it more fun and comfortable to chat about life, love, marriage and all the things in between (like whats on the dinner menu tonight!)! What is more fun than hanging out with a like minded couple who get you, and just want to make your day amazing!



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