Mount Washington Wedding Photography - Vancouver Island Vendor Spotlight

February 06, 2022

Mount Washington Wedding Vendor Spotlight


When we think of an amazing outside the box wedding experience here on Vancouver Island, we always think of Raven Lodge on Mount Washington, in the Comox Valley.

Imagine your ceremony, surrounded by your family & friends, with the view stretching out as far as the eye can see to Forbidden Plateau and beyond, filled with the towering trees of Strathcona Provincial Park, and the chirps of Whiskey Jacks! 

   We photographed countless weddings on the mountain and wanted to share what we think makes Mount Washington stand above the rest!



Spectacular Views

Who doesn't love an amazing view? We mention beautiful backdrops quite a bit, you would be hard pressed to find  better backdrop than Strathcona Provincial Park, and Forbidden Plateau. It's picturesque in every direction you look!


Our Mount Washington Highlight Wedding Video for Ryan & Chelsea Is the Best Way See Some Of Mount Washington Views in a Quick 3 Minutes!

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On top of the Mountain...

Lakeside at Strathcona Park...

The Boardwalk through Strathcona Park...

  Julien PhotographyJulien Photography

The Raven Lodge Ceremony Site..

Julien PhotographyJulien Photography

   Slope Side Elopements...



The Staff

The staff catering to couples at Raven Lodge are incredible - and that makes all the difference. They consistently go above and beyond to ensure you have the best experience as you plan your day, and enjoy your day! If you need help, information or something warm to snuggle in, there is always someone available to help!


Chair Lift Ride to the Peak

Lift Passes included (in the summer)!! The experience of a chair lift ride on your wedding is so romantic, and such unique a chance for you both to enjoy the view and have a private moment together!




Stunning Photo Opportunities

With Mount Washington, you are surrounded by endless views and vistas! On the mountain there are 360 views, boardwalks, chair lifts, forest pathways and more! 

Important notes: 

  • Chair lift close times vary, so be sure to ask your coordinator if/when they are available! Lift closing time is typically 5pm, so be sure to plan how we can get you up the mountain in time!
  • Fog can roll in and make it hard to see up top with the right technique though this can be great for portraits!
  • Summer or Winter...bring something warm to wear! It may be summer, spring or fall...but it can still be somewhat chilly on the lift ride up, or down in Strathcona! 




Amazing Guest Entertainment

Mount Washington has so much for guests to see and do, AND they have fabulous accommodations for your guests to relax in! Its an incredible destination and wedding venue!

Just click the photo link below to see all the things Mount Washington has to offer your guests...


Raven Lodge & Customizations

Looking for something tasty to snack on after being on the dance floor? How about a poutine bar? Maybe you want to serve pizza at midnight! At Mount Washington, they believe your dream day should be custom fit for you with unique options for you and your guests! The Raven Lodge is a great reception venue high ceilings, and an open concept space that you can decorate your own way to suit your ideas!

Julien PhotographyJulien Photography




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