The Importance of an Engagement Session

May 06, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Here's a question:

Would you rather dip one toe in at a time over the course of three hours and be shocked every time with how cold it is, OR would you prefer to dive right in and be done with it?

What does this have to do with an engagement session? LOTS!

We've heard it often that one or both in a couple is not very photogenic, or that they simply aren't comfortable with a camera in their face, or that they just plum don't like having their picture taken. In those instances, sometimes a couple may opt out of an engagement session. Okay. But may I remind you, we will still be there on your wedding day, and if you aren't comfortable with a camera in your face...the time passed won't make you any more comfortable!

We love shooting & encouraging couples to have their engagement photos taken for a few reasons:

1. Its fun. We love getting outside with fantastic couples such as yourselves and really getting to know each other. It really gives us (and you lovebirds!) a chance to laugh, joke & become better friends, all the while making fabulous photo memories!

2. Becoming better friends helps everyone relax! Its like a first date. At first, you aren't sure what to say, if you should eat in front of each other, if you should admit you love cats...but then eventually you realize, this is the exact person you've been waiting for. You can say whats on your mind. Pick the food from your teeth and wipe the spaghetti sauce from your shirt. Introduce them to all your cats. Its cool. You are totally comfortable with this person, and you a completely free to be your glorious self. 

3. You get to know how we work. As photographers, we have certain poses, ways of making you laugh and things we like to work out with each couple before the wedding day. Shooting an engagement session, you'll pick up all sorts of things that will be helpful for making your wedding day portraits a breeze! We'll show you some of our signature poses, teach you the "Hollywood Kiss", figure out what makes you genuinely happy and makes you feel natural in front of camera.

4. You learn to get comfortable with yourself in front of the camera. If you are among those who doesn't feel photogenic, or comfortable with the idea of a camera taking your photo, welcome to the club! When doesn't my hair look flat in a photo? We try and make your engagement session painless, and capture you in ways you'll love!    

There are so many more benefits to having engagement photos, or couples' photos, you just have to take the plunge! The couples below did...have a look at the fun they had...



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