Paris - the City of Light {Personal Post}

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Paris - the City of Light {Personal Post}

I'm going to be completely honest...When I turned 30 I though my life might be over. For some reason...I had a hard time getting past it. I'm so far beyond it now that it seems comical, but at the time...

For my birthday, we decided to celebrate in style, and go to the great City of Lights - Paris! We were there for two weeks and explored everything from the Louvre, to the Catacombs! Steve was not a huge fan of those...but they were pretty neat! We spent our days wandering the streets eating fresh baguettes, taking the train to fancy palaces, discussing art and watching the Eiffel Tower light up every night! We rode up and down the Seine River in the BatoBus, stopping along the way at all the timeless sights - and eating...there was a lot of eating. We stumbled our way through conversations - although sometimes they mistook me for a Persian woman *#soproud* until I told them I knew no more! We drank wine - some was really good, but some was just plain terrible! It was an adventure...

On the day of my 30th birthday, we went to Euro Disney! I remember Steve saying to me "I'm just going to the washroom - please don't run off on me"...and then I ran get my "It's My Birthday" Pin from Town Hall!! Who could resist! 

All in all, Paris was full of adventure, and if you'd ever like to sit down and chat about it, or ask me questions...just come find me!

Here is a quick music video Steve made of the trip with some buogy bougie boo music :) about 3 minutes



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