Why We Love Winter Weddings

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Why We Love Winter Weddings On Vancouver Island

We know what you’re thinking...brrrrrr! Winter is so cold, but winter weddings also have so many perks! Vancouver Island is an amazing place to celebrate your winter nuptials! There are storm watching opportunities, intimate indoor ceremony locations, and even snowy mountain top vistas to help really create a magical day! If we've peaked your interest...read on below to find out why we love celebrating with Winter Weddings!



An “off season” wedding comes with the offer of closeness. For those looking for a really family and friends centred event, winter is a fabulous time to celebrate! With the cooler weather, you and yours can stay cozy and warm inside! Indoor venues are typically smaller than outdoor summer venues, so you can keep the guest list small and intimate! There is just something special about the colder weather that really brings people together! Just add some warm, cozy decor and the magic of twinkling lights and you have the perfect mix!



Summer on V.I. is when about 75% of all our couples get married, and is so busy that some weekends we photograph 3 weddings in a row! The ultimate TRIFECTA weekend! When you get down to brass tacks, there are 52 Saturdays a year, and hundreds of couples are typically fighting over just 12 of those Summer Saturday dates. If you're looking to stress less, when it comes to planning your dream day...we would highly recommend an off season wedding!

Formal wear in the winter = WIN...a full suit in the summer may not be your cup of tea (and you may sweat like one!)! If you'd rather be a little too hot or a little too cold, that question right there might help you decide whether a winter wedding is perfect for you. 

Fall/Winter and even Spring weddings offer so much room for customization with your prime pick of favourite venues, vendors and customizations that it might just make the perfect choice! 

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This is a little bit of a secret...but loads of venues and some vendors offer really amazing custom packages that aren’t available at any other part of the year! Some offer discounts, added benefits and more! If you’re looking to save a little more on your big day or just have your investment stretch further - allowing you to afford luxury options like fancier decor, wedding albums or snow machines - we highly recommend the “Winter Season” option as a fantastic way to celebrate on a budget or to have your investment go further! 


SNOW . . .

Is that a dirty word....we don’t think so! If it snows on your wedding day...YAY!!! Snow is pure MAGIC on a wedding day! We’ve had a few snowy weddings and while they can be a tad on the chilly side - the photo opportunities are absolutely breathtaking and so unique! Brides and bridesmaids can accessorize their looks with cute stoles, jackets or shrugs, grooms & groomsmen are already in jackets and the snowy white backdrop looks amazing in every photo! We LOVE the snow, and so does the Huff Post, check out our Huffington post published photo from one of our favourite snowy weddings and see for yourself why they’re stunning!

Dare we say the word rain too? Sure...rain can be a drag or a drip, but with the right preparation, it also brings you closer together, snuggling under an umbrella or under some trees in a forest and make for some amazing photo opportunities! 

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