Wedding Tips For Grooms

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Wedding Tips for the Groom

There are so many blogs that have amazing tips for Bride's to Be, after all, it's a day most brides dream about for years! However; there is not too much out there for Groom's to Be! So - if you're that groom, let's lift a glass and cheers to you! Here's a blog with a few tips from practical to emotional for you to have an amazing wedding day!

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Try on Your Wedding Day Suit/Outfit ASAP!

We know the time heading up to the wedding is full of errands and a huge to do list but when your suit arrives -


Especially if it is a rental. You won't know if its the right fit, or it if needs alterations, and if it does - the tailor will need time to make it happen!

We have seen everything from missing pocket squares, short vests and way too long pants! So do yourself a favour, and try on the suit as soon as you can!

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Second Shirt & 50 Shades of White

Steve has a fresh shirt to change into on a hot summers should too! It is his favourite tip for Grooms on the wedding day! Nothing feels better than putting on a clean shirt - especially before you cuddle up to your beautiful wife for dinner & first dances! 

The second half of this tip - shade of white matters! Be sure to get a shirt that matches your wife-to-be's gown! If she's in ivory, be sure to find an ivory shirt to match! Whatever you do - do not get white if she's in ivory, or you'll make her gown look dirty! 

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Deodorant, Mints & Handkerchief 

The three wedding day essentials!

Deodorant: Its a long day, and sometimes you just need a little freshening up! This is a great one to keep in a carry bag! 

MintsIf you need fresh breath, bring some mints with you, DON'T BRING CHEWING GUM! There is nothing worse than it showing up in photos! 

Handkerchief/Blotting Tissues:  These are so great to blot down your forehead and face with, and help reduce the shine for photos. Since you likely aren't having make-up done for the day...think of this as yours!

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Empty Your Pockets (Front, Back, Jacket...)

This is for Grooms & Groomsmen: Don't let your wallet, keys & iPhone take centre stage in a photo or at the alter! We know there aren't a lot of options for you to store your items, but please don't use your pockets as the place! Perhaps bring a reusable bag around on the day for you and your guys to store your items in!

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Photo Tips for Grooms

A few practical tips for you to keep in mind while having your photos taken!

1. Chin Forward. It is a typical reaction to pull your chin back when the camera is pointed at you. Instead, lean your chin towards the camera like you're really trying to hear every word we're saying! This creates a nice strong jawline and helps convey interest!

2. Stand Up Tall and Strong. Roll your shoulders back and stand up tall! 

3. Confidence! Remember: Today, you're marrying the most beautiful woman in the world! What more do you need?

Julien PhotographyJulien Photography


We hope these tips help you all have an amazing wedding day!

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