Bridal Party {Tips for Choosing Yours}

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Bridal Party {Tips for Choosing Yours}

There are so many decisions to be made when it comes to your wedding, and we believe choosing your wedding party, the team that will stand beside and behind you on your wedding day, is of the utmost importance!

We've seen wedding parties made up of 4, 7 & even 18 people...yep. 18 Has been our largest party yet! Sure, a big bridal party is loads of fun (sometimes), BUT the key to a healthy party is that they're all helpful in their duties, be it on the wedding day or leading up to the day. We get asked every so often how we chose our bridal party, what we would have done differently, what makes a good bridesmaid or groomsman...etc. etc. etc. So, we thought it would be a great idea to share a few tips for choosing a happy, helpful and fabulous bridal party!

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1. Symmetry is a bit of a MYTH...

Allow us to expand on that surprising title. We know. You're currently feeling shocked...but your bridal party doesn't have to be even on both sides! So what your husband to be has 3 groomsmen, and you have your 5 best friends since childhood! It photographs amazingly, and one lucky groomsmen will have 2 ladies by his side! Don't choose to match your numbers, choose to match your needs and who will be helpful during the wedding process. If that means your party is symmetric, GREAT, if not - no worries! Your bridal party is there to help, spending time trying to ensure symmetry can sometimes result in less that happy circumstances & frustration. Don't worry about trying to fill a dress...or even a suit for that matter! 

FUN WEDDING FACT: Did you know that one of the traditions of a bridal party stems from a superstition? TRUE STORY! A bridal party was meant to function as a decoy for the bride & groom, and ward off evil spirits! 

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2. Bigger isn't Always Better.  

Like we said, we've seen wedding parties as big as may be thinking "Holy Moly...that is a lot of people!". That would be a true statement. Sometimes its a fun statement too! But every so often, it seems to grow a tad bit wild...and very quickly. In the modern tradition, your bridal party is meant to support you in stressful times, be there if and when you have a bride or groom-zilla moment (which is completely fine!), plan your bachelorette or stag, shower and take on tasks that you are unable to do alone. While bigger can be loads of fun, if you need help with planning and everyone isn't contributing, it can sometimes become frustrating, so make sure that your party is along for support, not just the ride!​ There are so many amazing ways to include friends in your day (if you can't fit them all into your bridal party!), you can ask your friends to be ushers, help you with planning details & party favours etc.

FUN WEDDING FACT: The tradition of a White Wedding Gown was made popular in 1840 by Queen Victoria! After she donned a gorgeous white gown with beautiful lace to her marriage of Albert, it became popular to go with white!

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3. What Makes a Great Bridal Party?

Knowing you can trust your party, that you can lean on them when you need to and that they'll lift you up when you need it most! That doesn't mean you've known them since you were in the womb, and it doesn't mean you just met them yesterday. It just means they know what you need before you ask, or they're ready to rock and roll when you need it :D Lastly, that they are able to set aside their needs and put yours ahead of theirs is extremely important!  

FUN WEDDING FACT: Why do we toss bouquets at weddings? Aside from the entertainment value? Today, the lucky lady to catch the bouquet is said to be married next! In old English tradition, women would try to tear off little bits of the brides dress or flower's for good luck! We all know no one wants their dress or flowers torn, so as a way to escape the ladies, the bride would throw the bouquet and run away!


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We hope these few tips will help you when you're choosing your bridal party! If you'd like to chat more with us about booking your wedding day with the Julien's, just hit the contact button below...


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